Palmers Butchers


    Please Note;
    Orders made on Thursday after 12.00pm up to Monday at 12.00pm will not be delivered until the following Tuesday.
    Please see for more details.

  • shin of beef new

    Boneless Shin of Beef - £12.60

    Ideal for Slow Cooking and Stews.

    £12.60 In Stock
  • chopped stew

    Stewing Beef On The Bone - £11.00

    Ideal For Stews.

    £11.00 In Stock
  • oso

    Shin Of Beef On The Bone - £11.00

    Ideal for slow cooking and stews

    £11.00 In Stock
  • bestmince

    Best Lean Beef Mince - £13.00

    £13.00 In Stock