Click and Collect Only
Palmers Butchers


Q1.) Will my fresh meat be in good condition?

Q2.) How much does delivery cost and where do you deliver to?

Q3). When can I collect my order?

Q4). What is the earliest and latest time I can collect my order?

Q5). What if I am running late for my collection?

Q6). What if I have forgotten to order something?

Q7). What days can I use the click and collect service?

A1) Will my fresh meat arrive in good condition?

Don’t worry – when you buy fresh, quality, local meat from Palmers, it is packed packed into carrier bags and put into a refrigerated container

Once we have chosen, prepared and weighed your meat, it is bagged and labelled.
It is then put into a very strong plastic carrier bag.
This bag is put inside a refrigerated container, ready for collection.
A2) How much does click and collect cost?

We make a charge to cover the cost of packing; this cost is a set rate of £3.00 per order.


A3) When can I collect my order?

When you place your order online, you will be presented with a calender. Here you can select the time and date you wish to collect your order. Each order will be allocated with a 5 minute time slot and has a 2 hour delay for collection.

Example: If you place your order at 8.00am you will be able to select any time that day from 10.00am onwards.

A4) The earliest time slots are from 10.00am and the latest is 4.55pm.

A5) If you are running late for your order it is not a problem, simply ring us on 01908 374832 and tell us when you will arrive for collection.

Please note that due the opening hours of the store no orders will be available to collect after 5:10pm as our refrigerated container is on a timed lock. At this point the order would need to be collected the following day.

A6) Unfortunately if you have missed an order off your order at time of collection, as we are unable to take payment you would need to proceed into the shop and purchase the item over the counter. All payments are made online for click and collect and our staff will not have access to this method of payment as it is completely automated.

A7) Click and collect is available Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays, this service will be unavailable for all bank holidays).


We can deliver throughout the UK every day except  Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

If you have any queries regarding click and collect please contact us either by telephone +44 (0)1908 374832 or email us: