Q1.) Will my fresh meat arrive in good condition?

Q2.) How much does delivery cost and where do you deliver to?

Q3). When will my delivery arrive?

A1) Will my fresh meat arrive in good condition?

Don’t worry – when you buy fresh, quality, local meat from Palmers, it is packed using special cooling packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect order.

Once we have chosen, prepared and weighed your meat, it is wrapped and labelled.
It is then put into a very strong tear-proof plastic bag.
This bag is put inside your insulated chill-box, ready for delivery, covered with a layer of Techni-ice to keep it cold.
The chill-box is security-tape sealed and labelled with your address.
For national deliveries, our carriers collect your order and aim to deliver it the next day – meanwhile the Techni-ice in your chill-pack will keep the food chilled for 48 hours.
Techni-Ice is a rectangular sheet made up of separate cells, containing a special frozen gel. The sheet of Techni-ice can stay frozen for days, it does not melt and is non-toxic. You can put it in your own freezer and reuse it.
We either use polystyrene or cardboard boxes to deliver to you. The box is lined with natural sheep’s wool in a protective cover. You can reuse this flexible and soft lining;

A2) How much does delivery cost?

We make a charge to cover the cost of packing and delivery; this cost is calculated for you automatically and you will see the full price before placing your online order.

National deliveries
We are able to offer delivery to all addresses in England, Wales, and the Scottish mainland from Aberdeen southwards. We regret that delivery costs are prohibitively high in other areas, and hence we cannot deliver elsewhere.

Delivery on orders up to 20kg in weight will cost £12.50. £0.50p will be added to the cost of your order for each Kilogram over 20kg

Note: the exact weight of your shipment will be displayed at checkout

A3) When will my delivery arrive?

When you place your order online, you will be asked which day you would like delivery and where you would like us to leave your chill-pack.

The table below shows the earliest delivery times our carriers can achieve for online orders.

Order placed before 12.00 noon on :
Monday will be delivered to you on Tuesday
Tuesday will be delivered to you on Wednesday
Wednesday will be delivered to you on Thursday
Thursday will be delivered to you on Friday
Friday will be delivered to you on Tuesday
Saturday will be delivered to you on Tuesday
Sunday will be delivered to you on Tuesday

We can deliver throughout the UK every day except  Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

Available dates for the selected delivery address will be shown at checkout.

Unfortunately, we are not able to designate a time in which the delivery will be made, however the courier company will get in touch with you via email or text, providing you with a 2 hour window in which to expect your delivery.

If you have any queries regarding delivery please contact us either by telephone +44 (0)1908 374832 or email us: enquiries@palmersbutchers.com